Carol's Journal

Cool things from the imaginative brain of Carol Breen. Musings about muses, moose and the odd raven.

My Studio is my Sanctuary

I'm in my studio exploring the possibilities of all the BLUE watercolours I've collected over the years.

I have a new appreciation for every tube of paint, brush, pencil and piece of paper that I have. We are so fortunate that nothing was damaged or lost in the Fort McMurray wildfire.

My studio is my sanctuary. It's a pleasant place to be.

Blue possibilities

Blue possibilities

2016 Buffy for Visual Arts Award

Last evening I attended the Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards event. The festivities and performances were most enjoyable. It was an honour to receive the 2016 Buffy for Visual Arts award.

I'm also delighted with the amazing Turquoise Bear Necklace, made by Kathleen Marcel. I look forward to wearing it.

The Fort McMurray Arts Council is doing a great job. Thank you for your important work.

2016 Buffy for Visual Arts Award.

2016 Buffy for Visual Arts Award.

"Autumn Tea" (Teapot Series) Inspiration

My teapot series of paintings began when I saw a Vietnamese, blue and white teapot which had a horse standing on the top of its lid. That image stayed in my mind for years.

One autumn afternoon while out drawing with some friends, we stopped for tea. It was there that my imagination started creating teapots combined with what I was observing --water, trees, leaves, colours, birds and animals. Earlier in the day we had seen a moose!